Do I need a fishing license?

No you do not, our charter license covers you for the duration of the trip.

How is pricing done?

Price is not per person, rather for the entire boat. The boat will accommodate up to 6 adults.

Is there a bathroom on board?


What should I bring?

Make sure to bring sunscreen, drinks and food. Take seasickness pills the night before as well as an hour before the trip if you are prone to motion sickness. If the weather looks a little wet, bring some rain gear!

Can we keep what we catch?

Yes! Everything legal to keep/eat can be kept. If you are looking to keep more than just a dinner’s worth we can vacuum seal it and ship it anywhere in the country for you, for an additional fee.

Who will cook my catch locally?

All of our guests can have their daily catch cooked at Brutus Seafood in Marathon free of charge after their trip!

What is the gratuity on a charter?

Typical gratuity is 20% minimum for hard work on a trip.

What if there is poor weather?

If weather is bad enough to cancel the trip, we will try our best to reschedule you ASAP to get you on the water. Trips that are cut short due to thunderstorms will be partially refunded on an individual basis.

What if our trip is cut short due to sea sickness?

If you fall ill with motion sickness while out on a trip and we are required to return, you will be charged the full amount for the trip. We will attempt to fish calmer water before we run back to the dock.

What does the charter include?

The charter includes licensing, all rods and reels as well as tackle and bait. We will also filet/clean your fish at the conclusion of the trip. We do offer catering for all of our trips, please reach out if you are interested in that option. The charter also includes a free catch your cook at Brutus Seafood in Marathon for our guests!

How can I pay?

We accept cash or any major credit card. We will need to take a credit card number at the time of booking. The card will not be charged until the day of the trip. No-show trips will be charged $250 for half day, $500 for 3/4 and full day trips. ( SORRY NO CHECKS OR FOREIGN CURRENCY )

Where can I go to write a review?

We love to get your feedback on Facebook, Google, and Tripadvisor!