Shark trips


Another one of the most popular trips, shark fishing is an adrenaline rush whether you are 8 or 80. The Keys are home to a multitude of sharks including Blacktip, Sharpnose, Spinner, Hammerhead, Bull , Tiger and Lemon Sharks. We offer two types of shark fishing trips. The “Dinner and a Fight” trip is a 3/4 day trip that incorporates a portion of the trip fishing on the reef or in the bay for edible, delicious Snappers, and finishes off the trip with some reel screaming shark action! The other option is a dedicated shark trip, half day only.

Half Day

All Shark
$ 800
  • Scheduled based on ideal tides

Dinner & a Fight

Catch some dinner before the show!
$ 1000
  • 8am to 2pm

Please see our policy page for booking, weather, and cancellation policies.